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Sunday, December 14, 2014

Here I go...

I am beginning this blog to offer a few random thoughts from my teaching career and consequently that is why I am starting thing blog...because of my teaching career. So far it is a short career. I am in the middle of my third year teaching in my third different school and now the school I am teaching at is implementing 1:1 technology.

As part of the technology integration my fellow teachers and I are taking the journey to become more aware of the changes technology is having in the 21st century classroom. Our corporation has set up a series of online learning modules that we are to complete. As part of the this process, we are required to create a blog.

Not in a million year would I think I would ever be blogging. Sure I like to read a good blog every once in a while, I haven't been a big follower of any. Part of my disdain for blogging is because as a student E/LA was not my strongest subject. As a student every time I was given a writing assignment, creative or research, part of me wanted to start a protest, stand up on my desk and yell, "NO MORE WRITING!" To me it is just a time consuming tedious task. Even now I am thinking, how can I hurry up and end this thing?

In my short teaching career, I see the potential technology can add to a classroom. From the teachers perspective, if used effectively, technology is going to keep students engaged in the learning process.  It seems like there are times in my classroom where I just need to give quick oral instructions or try to have a conversation as a class on a topic of study and I loose the interest or attention of half the class. Why is that? Students today are growing up with technology and are used to getting that constant stimulation from their devices. Whenever there is nothing in front of them to keep engaged or entertained, minds begin to roam.

Secondly, technology will provide an outlet to assess student learning other than write a paper about __________. Now don't get me wrong writing is an important skill to have and hopefully you can tell I am half way decent, but technology opens up other creative avenues to express learning, which still includes writing. I am excited to have my student next year create a presentation or podcast, create live or animated "explainer" videos, collaborate with other students in the same room or around the globe and yes if a student prefers they could blog as well.